Friday, November 14, 2008

Today's Posting is About My Wife

Yesterday, I did something serendipitous. I wrote two blogs, one about the NBC sitcom The Office, and the second about the (recently) defunct Well, curious gentleman I am, particularly when it comes to mourning, I decided to digest everything I could about FJM, it's history, etc, and that inevitably led me to

BARNEY STINSON: Wait for it...

Wikipedia: the online encyclopedia anyone can edit. And, according to Wikipedia: The Online Encyclopedia Anyone Can Edit, the primary poster at is none other than Michael Schur, a writer for The Office and the guy who plays Dwight's cousin Mose, under the guise of Fremulon Insurance employee Ken Tremendous. Did I know this yesterday? I did not. It's just one of the many wonderful things you can learn on WIKIPEDIA: THE ONLINE ENCYCLOPEDIA ANYONE CAN EDIT.

Seriously, yo. They've got street cred, quality control, and all that business now. Not like the time they told me Billy Dee Williams had died (still haven't lived that one down completely).

In closing, I would like to address the title of this post. Psyche. Hope you read the whole thing, sweetie.

All for now.


Jack Tomas said...

They do pretty rigorous fact checking now. In the early days it was more of an open source. but now a days there is oversight. This is a good thing because there are two constants with regard to the internet, which go back to the mid-70's when DARPA first developed it:
1) Half of what you read is a bunch of lies created by people with no social skills.
2) porn.

Red Delicious said...

Right-o, Jackie "Mason" Tomas. In fact, I should've tagged this blog under "Things I Know About Porn," because anytime I'm talking about the internet that's what I'm talking about.

Anonymous said...

You Suck!