Monday, October 20, 2008

My Favorite Swear Word

Thanks to Evn for the inspiration:

Favorite curse words strung together: "Shit! Balls shit!" - This happened when I dropped a full cash box on a windy day last May.

Favorite story of a curse word: I do some work for an elderly couple on occasion, moreso because I'm fond of them than anything else, and frequently this work involves helping them get set up for parties, Christmas, etc.

One day, upon discovering her husband had brought home black tape to help tape up white lights against her white painted door frame, the wife exclaimed to him, in front of me, "Jesus' dick!"

And it truly was the best Christmas ever.

All for now.


Thalia Took said...

Personally I'm rather fond of "Oh for fucking out Christ!" which just sort of came to me. I don't remember the exact circumstances.

Evn said...

When I clicked the link to follow your blog, Blogger responded with:

"You are now following These Apples."

And I was all, "Oh yeah? Well you can follow these apples."

It's funny, on account of apples become a metaphor for religious leaders. And also testicles.

Red Delicious said...

Your avatar alone lends me credibility.

Evn said...

It's a good avatar.

Thalia Took said...

I love how your red apple avatar is leaning to the left in a conspiratorial way, like it is involved in a conversation.

As if it just said, "Your avatar alone lends me credibility."

Red Delicious said...

Thanks! I just thought it was loitering.

Evn said...

"Oh for fucking out Christ!"

I suspect I'm going to blurt this out in the workplace sometime in the near future.

Which will be detrimental to my career.

But which will also make me a legend.

Thalia Took said...

Ooo! Does that make me an official Bad Influence? I'd be so proud!

Evn said...

Yes, it does.

And you managed to corrupt me. Further than I already am.

Religions have been founded over less.