Friday, January 23, 2009

These Are the Thoughts That Keep Me Awake at Night

Were you aware that in 1956 a pair of commercial jets were involved in a mid-air collision over the Grand Canyon? Thanks to Wikipedia (the - online encyclopedia *wait for it* ANYONE can edit), I do, now.

I know, I know it happened over fifty years ago. One of my parents wasn't even alive then, and it's silly to be terrified about it, but when I read the article, my knees wouldn't work for an hour afterward. I'm still really freaked out about it and I read this article the day of the U.S. Airways incident (the Hudson River one where even those who ordered chicken got fish), which was two weeks ago, nearly.

At the risk of sounding non-specific, some things are just not your thing, man. And flying in an aerro-plane - well, that is simply not my scene.

All for now.


Red Delicious said...

Also, now necrotic sepsima (check out the Corpse-o-meter for further information... I really need to figure out a way to block myself from Wikipedia).

Jack Tomas said...

Joey, your ability to work yourself into a tizzy is breathtaking.
Yeah, I said Tizzy.

knottybynature said...

There's a song you'd probably like by the Indigo Girls called 'Airplane'.

Red Delicious said...

I contend I should NOT hear this song.

Mary T said...

Don't be ridiculous, Joe. They don't serve meals on domestic flights anymore. Also, if you would pls. delete the previous comment from my work self. That was purely...wait for it...a terrible accident.