Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Yeah, I Know I'm a Crappy Blogger. Step Off.

TBS, what the fuck happened? You've been so good, and then you pull this stunt? The MLB Playoffs are still baseball games, not an episode of Lost. Stop getting fancy with all your camera angles, and zooms, and crooked closeups, and just show us the game.

Also, do the Cardinals have a facial hair police? Because they SHOULD.
Dodgers are going to rock this series.

All for now.


Red Delicious said...

I mean, is Brendan Ryan's moustache serious? He's making fun of his own upper lip - he's gotta be.

mandachan said...

hey, nice blog! and i totally agree, on both terms. i mean, it's so annoying when they try to get a sneaky angle of someone and all they get is a nice shot of someone else's butt. and the postseason not-shaving thing is just UGH.

and hi-5 for being a QC person :)