Saturday, July 11, 2009

I Think it's Worth Noting

...that sometimes things aren't my fault.

I don't like being held to a different set of rules that someone else doesn't have to follow. If you get to behave a certain way, then so do I. And if I don't, you shouldn't be able to, either. This basic principle will keep us from having to go to war.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that Ryan Reynolds is playing Green Lantern, which would've been fine if he were going to be Kyle Rayner, but making Reynolds Hal Jordan is something with which I will have struggles. If anything, anyway, Reynolds would've been a far more appropriate Wally West version of The Flash. You know this to be true.

All for now.


Jake said...

Actually, I think he would be a fine Arsenal/Red Arrow/Speedy. And perhaps a good plastic man.

Daniel-Tron said...

First of all, Ryan Reynolds is already playing Deadpool. Which is a problem because I like Ryan Reynolds (kinda) and I don't want him to be the go-to Comic Movie guy. That would be like casting William Shatner in a Star Wars movie.

Second of all, Hal Jordan?! Of all the actors that could do that character justice, Reynolds shouldn't even be on the damn list.

Anonymous said...

How about Danny Bonaduce as Guy Gardner?

Red Delicious said...

Yeah, you hide behind your anonymity, anonymous trouble-making commenter!