Sunday, May 24, 2009

Save Walter White

I've mentioned this a few times already on this page, but if you haven't seen "Breaking Bad," you've got to see "Breaking Bad." If you like your shows about crime and drugs and cops and dealers, and refracted views of money and family and the American idea of success, this is your show.

In tonight's episode, which is one of the most arresting hours of T.V. I've ever watched, Walter's son launches a fundraising website called "Save Walter White," and it's the most poignant damned thing, because every week it gets clearer and clearer that this man cannot be saved. One of the major themes of The Sopranos when it was on is that people can't change, and AMC's two big shows - this and Mad Men, which is brilliant for a variety of other reasons - pick up that mantle and run with it in a big way. If you couldn't get into Tony Soprano because he wasn't identifiable to you, then Walter is the man with which you need to start spending your Sunday nights.

It's a a little premature since the Season 2 finale is next week, but I want to celebrate the show's ability to create moments with a list of my ten favorites from this Season. So, yeah, maybe this will change in seven days, but for now:

10. The cold open with Badger and DJ Qualls
9. Tio and the Burrito
8. Skinny Pete gets robbed by Spooge and the Skank
7. Saul talks his way out of being murdered
6. Hank's Brewery - both scenes
5. Walter, Skyler, and the facial mask
4. Walter shows his baby the money
3. The tortoise explodes
2. Walter confronts the up and coming dealers outside of the home improvement store
1. The last scene with Jane

You let me know if you want to watch this show, and I will watch it with you. Be warned, though - I'll be half watching you to see your reaction.

All for now.


Anonymous said...

Also Bathtub full of human soup falls through ceiling (first season) and the sad death of Spooge.

Red Delicious said...

Yes, the leveling of the ATM was ultra-gruesome and awesome. The bathtub was only not on the list because it was from the 1st season, but you're right on.

Honorable mention as well to the Heisenberg song, pretty much everything from "4 Days Out," the Hank-Tuco shootout... I could go on, but I need to stop for my own list-making good.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at On a hunch I pulled it up after the airing and it is really there. And you can actually use it to donate to the national cancer coalition. There is a counter on the site and I was hit #1234 last night and it is up to 11583 today.