Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Bear in a Studebaker

I've been thinking about that part of The Muppet Movie where Rolf & Kermit are singing "I Hope That Something Better Comes Along," which, if you haven't seen it, what? Okay, here:

Anyway, after Rolf sings, "the pitter patter of soles, the little feet of tadpoles," and Kermit corrects him by saying "Um, Rolf, tadpoles don't have feet," Rolf says "Oh, sorry about that," which is very polite of him, because I would have looked Kermit right in the eye and said, "I AM A TALKING DOG, PLAYING A SONG THAT I JUST MADE UP FOR YOU ON THE PIANO."

That would've shut him up.

All for now.

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Jake said...

You ever get the impression that the other muppets think Kermit is a mass murderer waiting to happen? He's soft spoken and polite, but everybody defers to him with a slightly wild look in their plastic eyes. As if to say, "When the frog finally cracks, he's taking us all with him."