Monday, December 1, 2008

Reason to Believe

I heard somewhere that even cold November rain doesn't last forever, so here we are at the beginning of another December. I think the newness of the month has yet to fully sink in for me, but if the weather forecast is any indication, we are in for a nice, chilly, sunny month. Nothing would suit me better.

2008 has been a relatively crummy year for Red Delicious and bride (Pete being a notable exception), and I don't really believe that the calendar determines our luck / happiness / sexual prowess, etc., but if 2009 is going to be better for me, I really wouldn't mind if some of that karma or whatever wanted to leak over into the last month of this year. Besides, if 2009 is so brimming with promise, who am I to complain if it's cup runneth over?

I was an exception, but I wasn't much help this year.

All for now.


Jack Tomas said...

Pete loves you because you're crazy sniffable....and so do I!

Mary T said...

If you didn't like 2008 much, you're going to be really disappointed with this news.

It never ends!

Red Delicious said...

Huzzah! One more thing to keep me up at night - our inevitable grind to a halt.